Alex Bailey also writes children's books under the pen name Hoot N. Holler


Skerry Island: The Prince and the Pirate: Book One

Will they find the treasure or be captured by pirates?

When King Manuel of Oro announces his ten-year-old son’s crowning ceremony, Leo’s world crumbles. He doesn’t want to be a stuffy old prince! He wants to be free to have adventures, roam the kingdom, and spar with the crew of the royal navy.

Dreading the upcoming ceremony, Leo longs to have one final adventure before taking on his royal duties. His wish comes true when he accidentally stows away and the ship is taken over by pirates! He is furious when he discovers his sister, Nina has followed him and is also trapped on board.

But when Duke, a young pirate Leo’s age, warns them to flee the ship before they’re caught, they persuade Duke to join them.

The kids escape to a nearby island, discover a treasure map, and set out to find their riches. They brave the dangers of the jungle and angry pirates on this wild adventure seeking the island’s hidden treasure!

Praise for Skerry Island

“My grandchildren and I had so much fun reading this pirate adventure that would make a wonderful movie. Ten year old Leo does not want to be crowned as a prince. Leo wants adventure. What an adventure he’ll have!” 

Amazon 5-Star Review


Terror in Boring Town: A Sam and Rex Adventure

Be careful what you wish for… that wish might just blow up in your face!

Twelve-year-old best friends, Sam and Rex live in a boring town and dream of an exciting adventure for their summer break.

But when two mysterious strangers visit their town for the summer, the boys suspect something isn’t right. Sam and Rex are convinced the men are up to no good. Why would anyone ever want to stay in their boring town on purpose? What are these men really up to?

When the boys uncover the strangers’ evil plot and accuse them of being criminals, no one believes them. Sam and Rex draft a plan to prove their suspicions and uncover their dangerous plot. It involves risking lives. But will it work? Will the boys be able to stop the wicked men in time? And whose lives will they be risking to expose the criminals?

Praise for Terror in Boring Town

“What a great summer read! This is a lovely book, filled with humour, mystery and fun, it’s perfect for boys and girls!” 5-Star Review