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Praise for Once Upon A Romance


“Once Upon a Romance (A Dream Come True Book 1) by Alex Bailey is a story that is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time and I absolutely enjoyed reading it. I fell in love with the characters due to Alex’s attention to detail and writing skills and could picture it clearly in my mind. This heartwarming story will linger even after you have finished it. There was a lot of love weaved into this story and there are so many emotions that you will find yourself laughing and in tears the next, so grab a good drink and a box of tissues.”

Amazon.AU 5-Star Review


“This is a heartwarming story that I found myself thinking about even after I had finished the book. I love the attention to detail that the author gives. I felt like I was right there with Sophie and Ariel seeing what they did. It is also a book that had my emotions going up and down all throughout. This is a wonderfully written story that I would highly recommend reading.”

Amazon 5-Star Review


“This is your quintessential ‘feel-good’, and romantic Christmas story. One with all the wonder, charm and emotion I adore about Christmas stories. Ms. Bailey writes beautifully- creating wonderful quirky characters that I would love to call friends, and explore the theme parks with. She was also easily able to capture the magic of the season, and I loved the minute attention to detail that makes this story come alive.”

Amazon 5-Star Review

“Oh my! What a perfectly darling romance. I simply hung off each page! Each character in this beautiful novel allows you to see the fantastic world of Disney, courage through loss, and the glory of being who you are, through their eyes! I could smell the coffee (Joffre's??), see the sparkling lights, revel in the exhilaration and feel the emotions. This is a darling gem to remember always and has been a huge inspiration to me!”

Amazon.CA 5- Star Review

Praise for The Future Memoir of Ann Jones


“If you’ve read The Girl Next Door or Gone Girl, The Future Memoir of Ann Jones is in the same format. I was engaged from the beginning, attempting to guess what would happen next. I didn’t, so I just couldn’t stop reading. The twists and turns, along with the humor, entertained me until I thought there was nothing else that Alex Bailey could surprise me with. I was wrong. So get a glass of a tasty drink and a few bits of chocolate and relax with The Future Memoir of Ann Jones.” 

Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review

“Readers will not be disappointed with this novel. It is a pleasing mix of eerie suspense and romance, with the splash of magic promised in the title. I love reading sweet romances and cozy mysteries, and I think others who enjoy these genres will like this book.”

“I loved this book, very easy to read with funny characters. Alex has done a great job writing such a fun story and I loved the knitting club! Well done.”

Amazon UK 5-Star Review


“I found that once I really got into this novel it became near impossible for me to put it down. The characters were colorful, convincing and hilarious. The setting was described in just enough detail to create an image in the mind and make it believable…yet not overdone to the point of risking losing the reader’s interest. The plot was full of mystery and darkness… but projected in a bubbly and vivacious manner! The ability to pull this off is absolutely the charm of this novel and what makes it so truly unique. It is a wonderful writing style that this particular reader found captivating and completely engaging.”

“A darkly comedic story about loyalty, new beginnings, and the bonds created by shared experiences.”

Kirkus Reviews

“I reached a point where I could not put the book down. I lost some sleep with this book. Yes, we spent the night together. The author kept me engaged, wanting to discover more about this knitting club and their rules. The women each tell a heartfelt story which forms a bond with the reader. The characters are well-formed. The story is written well with a few chuckles. The recipes sound delicious.”

Amazon 5-Star Review

Praise for

Skerry Island: The Prince and the Pirate


“My grandchildren and I had so much fun reading this pirate adventure that would make a wonderful movie. Ten year old Leo does not want to be crowned as a prince. Leo wants adventure. What an adventure he’ll have!”

Amazon 5-Star Review

“Such a great adventure book!…This is the kind of book that would be perfect for the kid who doesn’t like to read because it is just so fun, doesn’t feel like a chore!”

Amazon 5-Star Review

“Very good read for young children. Good story and easy for them to follow.”

Amazon 4-Star Review

“This book is so much fun for children and even old people like me!… The part with the burping contest made me laugh! Such a fun read!”

Amazon 4-Star Review

Praise for

Terror in Boring Town:

A Sam and Rex Adventure


“What a great summer read! This is a lovely book, filled with humour, mystery and fun, it’s perfect for boys and girls!” 5-Star Review

“Terror in Boring Town is the perfect summer book for kids!… This book was fun; I would compare it to the Goonies or Hardy Boys where there is plenty of adventure and mystery.”

Amazon 5-Star Review

“Terror in Boring Town is a lot of fun. A light quick read filled with realistic dialogue and a real sense of community and family.” 

Amazon 4-Star Review

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